Saturday, December 27, 2008

Systems online!

Wooh! Back online. Haven't had a great month, but all's well for Christmas, and been doing some serious chilling. I've been getting some good solid hammock time the last two days just reading. And to use a simple term, that's been very very nice. Christmas has been the usual fun crazy family time, we had Christmas Eve with the Roberts clan at our place, and went to my Dad's place on Christmas Day. Lots of seafood, totally delicious. Sinead's Mum and Dad are over from Ireland, and they are having a blast out here in the warm sunshine. Their first non-cold Christmas - crazy concepts!
I'm taking all of next week off from work, and damn, I'm just going to enjoy doing very little. Working hard on getting my stress levels waaaay down. Gotta start looking for another job in say, mid January, as I'm out of Websense latest end of March, but that is for later.
Going to do Palm Beach followed by the Newport Arms with Sinead's oldies tomorrow. That's always good.

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