Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Spin Control

I finished reading Spin Control by Chris Moriarty last week.
This is a very cleverly written SF novel set mostly around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict some 300 years in the future. A lot has happened, and sadly, not much has changed. Although this doesn't have as high a "fun" level to read, there is a lot to compensate, and this novel really isn't about that conflict, so there's no focus on those issues.
There is some intelligently written and fascinating in depth involvement of the Syndicates - the races of tank grown clones on the fringe of post-humanity. Where each clone race is made up necessarily of what would appear to us as the exact same person, homosexual, to boot, because obviously, you'd only really want to work/live with your own clones. Although it is a deeply disturbing concept, it was executed in a very believable, intelligent way. Fascinating.
The other really cool part of this book is the use of EnderBots by both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian war. If you don't immediately guess what an EnderBot is, you need to read Enders Game. Seriously. Enders Game is required reading and I don't want to spoil the ending of that book if you haven't read it.
Check out this passage from the book :
"... felt ... the old story [of] ... an obsolete and ossified humanity giving way to the Syndicates in a clean neo-Marxist ballet of thesis, antithesis, and sythesis had been replaced by ... a coevolving cloud of quasi-species in which Homo sapiens had not been replaced, so much as exploded out into a bewildering fractal of coevolving post humanities."
Whew. A really good read, but I would have liked to hear more about the AI Cohen, and thought he would have a much larger role.

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