Monday, September 21, 2009

Saturn's Children

Just read this, some space opera from Charles Stross.
Quite a different read from the other Stross novels I've read. It's essentially about the society of sentient robots left behind by the human race after they've engineered their own extinction. The story focusses on the life of a particular sexbot, who is having a little trouble finding direction in life without any actual humans to do her job with. Never fear though, there is plenty of robot on robot action in this novel, and it's a lot wetter than you'd expect!
The plot gets really quite complicated and difficult to follow, what with robots being able to wear the soul-chips of other robots, which means they can access (although indirectly) the memories of others. There were a few times I wasn't sure if I was reading a flashback, a dream, or real current event or something else. It might have helped I think if I had read the book more quickly in larger sessions, rather than a few pages at a time.
The characters were a lot of fun, and the whole concept isn't one I'd read before, so I recommend reading it.

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