Monday, January 25, 2010

Dragon Coast: Book VI

My D&D campaign adventure is coming along. I've been filling the geography with nasties from Pathfinder Bestiary, Monster Manuals I-IV, and other tomes like Fiend Folio and Libris Mortis. It is set in the Forgotten Realms, specifically Cormyr as far as the characters know, but of course can lead them anywhere. I've just set up a campaign page at Obsidian Portal, so when the adventure starts, it can be tracked there.
Hopefully I can keep the players' disbelief suspended during the game, enough anyway to enjoy some hack, slash, burn, loot, and pillage action. The adventure is all newly created, so it's been a big challenge so far, and will continue to be until the PCs either finish, or die trying.
Andrew is still running us through Horror on the Orient Express, and we probably have 4 or more sessions left, sounds like. Last session was particularly gruesome. I can't even tell you. Nightmares.

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