Thursday, March 4, 2010

Recent Gaming

Wow. We just finished Call of Cthulhu, Horror on the Orient Express. The end was seriously hard, but as a group we ultimately triumphed. My character, an accountant (heh) was decapitated with about an hour of play left. Then I took over another character, who died even more horribly right at the end. Much enjoyed - thanks to Andrew! However, now I'll have to cancel the order of the t-shirt "I survived Horror on the Orient Express". I could just change it to "I died horribly in ....".
I'm also still working up the high level enemy NPCs for the Dragon Coast campaign which I hope to start in about 6 weeks time. I spent two hours tonight just allocating spells for them. Very Nasty.

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Igotnothing said...

In our Call of Cthulhu campaigns we usually make up 3 or 4 characters at the start...just in case.