Thursday, May 13, 2010

T-Hub Thumping.

I've been having a look at the Telstra T-Hub as a friend of mine mentioned it. It is essentially a touch screen phone base station, but it communicates over wifi with your network. Actually, it has to use wifi, there's no hard line connection and it only works with a Telstra HomeLine or broadband connection. It doesn't use VOIP, which I find really weird, but clearly Telstra are trying to get people back onto its copper lines. That's not going to work. Copper lines are dead except for DSL, and with any luck a fibre network will get rid of those.
The actual device looks like a half decent touch screen, the same as the Tabbee, only Telstra have crippled it. OK, it does web surfing via Opera, and does Youtube and a few other tricks. It's $300 and you have to use a Telstra connection. Vomit. Get a cheaper broadband connection with a wifi router, use VOIP and get a decent tablet.

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