Monday, September 27, 2010

PaizoConOz Day 4

Day 4 started well. Had breakfast, stored bags, went to the Con. Then we spent the next 9 hours playing a two part Pathfinder session run by Seb, and thoroughly enjoyed it. During this time it became apparent that the Virgin Blue Fiasco was firmly in place, and trips home were looking unlikely.
We decided to turn up to the airport anyway, as we couldn't find out on phone or internet what the situation was, so hired a large taxi for the nine of us, and off we went. Well, it should have been that easy, but first we had to get the motel to get our bags, the taxi driver went the wrong way and then we got stuck going round the one way system, but finally made it to the motel to get the bags, however it would have been quicker to walk.
We piled all the bags into the taxi, and after some negotiation with the driver on the best way to go, eventually turned up to chaos of Brisbane Domestic. Bit of a nightmare, but it seemed our flight was going out on time. Could we be that lucky? Not entirely. Before we find outo about the flights, we realise we have an extra bag with us from the motel that no one will lay claim to. Oh Bugger. I had a brief conversation with manager that didn't go so well, and told him we'd call back after we checked in with a plan.
As Rich turns up to the counter to represent the group, he's told there are only four seats left. "You have got to be shitting me" was my response. Not cancelled, not delayed, no all or nothing, but a cutoff right down the middle of the group.
As gamers say "Never split the party."
We split the party. There was very kind agreement that those with work tomorrow (surprisingly few) should take the seats. And I have to thank those again that stayed behind. Rich, Al, Phil, and more - thanks very much.
As you may imagine, the stray bag was returned with those staying an extra night.
And now we can confirm the existence of the PaizoConOz Exit Curse, given last years trip to the airport was also a complete nightmare. Worryingly, the power of the curse seems to be getting exponentially worse every year, this year affecting thousands of people.

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