Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sony Media Player

My MediaGate media player just died, the video out started to play up, so I tossed it out, and bought a WD TV Live. However, that didn't seem to be capable of putting out video on component out to my Sony SD CRT telly. No idea why, and after a couple of support calls to verify I hadn't done anything stupid, I sent it back. Shame. It seemed like a decent unit at a good price.
So I went and bought a Sony SMPN100. Cost a bit more, but not that much, and it plugged straight in and worked straight away. Sony talks to Sony.
And it is friggin awesome. It plays all the media types I have shared from my Windows 7 PC, and streams direct from ABC iView, YouTube, and a bunch of other stuff.

[update 2 July 2012]
Except the damn thing only plays HD from a USB stick. Useless. Now that I've upgraded all my systems to HD, this has to go. I'm currently using an old Patriot Box Office.

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