Thursday, May 21, 2009

Star Trek 11

I went to see Star Trek 11 on Tuesday night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had heard it was a lot of fun, and I quickly found myself agreeing with the sentiment during the early scene of the bar fight with a young James T. Kirk. Smack!
I'll try not to spoil too much if you are going to see the film, but although it is billed as a prequel, and really is at heart a prequel, it's technically more of an alternate past of the Star Trek universe we know from previous films. Star Trek is without doubt the king of the temporal anomaly, and this film is reminiscent of one of my favourite Next Generation episodes "Yesterday's Enterprise" which blew my freakin' mind back in the early 90's. This is what I love about science fiction. Technology provides such a massive space for plot device. The film, while using the time travel and changed alternate realities device, does try to make it feel like a prequel, and there is a sense of the altered timeline trying to heal itself to become what we know it should have been.
I really enjoyed a few obvious nods to the original series, in particular there is a scene with Kirk and a green skinned alien chick. That's just timeless.
The acting was all really quite good, which The Onion actually make fun of. In particular, I thought Karl Urban's portrayal of McCoy was brilliant. "Good God Man!"
Lastly, I have to say the sound effects really did it for me. The sound for a ship jumping to warp was more like a bullet out of a gun, and the laser weapons were more punchy as well. There were also a lot of similar sounds to those from the original series which provided good linkage.
Go See it!

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