Friday, June 26, 2009


I just watched Fanboys.
This film is saturated with geek reference to the point of overdose. Awesome. At no point was I bored, as the characters kept on hitting nerdy lines, one after the next, in joyous, unashamed pride. It made my cry. Fantastic. I was also drinking.
Not just Star Wars, although obviously mostly Star Wars, and obscure, geek head-nodding-obscure Star Wars at that, but also, Indiana Jones, Star Trek, various comics, D&D, Willow and others. The various scenes that mirror or recreate scenes from Star Wars are prolific and a lot of fun.
Appearances from William Shatner and Carrie Fisher were satisfying, surprising and very well done. The Carrie Fisher gear was subtle and appreciated.
Star Wars fans and true geeks must see this film. It's purile and stupid, but that doesn't mean it isn't awesome.

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