Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stealing Light

Just finished reading Stealing Light by Gary Gibson.
Really good, solid science fiction. Gibson writes really well and keeps a good pace. I'm really hoping there's a sequel, or even a series out of this, because there was a lot of great detail revealed about the book's Universe, setting the scene for some excellent space opera.
There's super powerful aliens, then even more super powerful aliens, restricted FTL tech, banned head implants, lots of violence and large scale destruction. The books starts early with the the wholesale destruction of a resort-living asteroid full of nefarious and banned activities and the super rich living the good life. The main character escapes with the use of a skin implant that expands to surround her body from vacuum as she and everything on the asteroid are blown into space, and then picked up by her low level AI controlled ship.
The final scenes made this look like a bit of a picnic on a sunny day with a few cold beers.
Great stuff Gibson. I was prepared for a weak ending such as we saw in his novel Against Gravity, but he really nailed this one.

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