Sunday, February 28, 2010


I just yawned my way through Gamer.
Based on the premise "Gee, what if the characters you played in a game were actual people", this film doesn't get any deeper than you think. A shallow, obvious, boring film. Lots of graphic bloody violence, and not enough sex. Hell, if you're going to make a film rated R for violence, you might as well throw in some sex as well, especially given the topic.
This film had barely enough content for a short story, let alone a feature film. I put this film in the same category as Death Race, which was suprisingly better than it sounds and had some tension and drama. Both these films use the concept of criminals giving themselves for entertainment fresh meat for their freedom, which is pretty silly stuff, and unless you build a decent story on top of that, you just end up watching it with one questioning eyebrow permanently raised.
The funniest part of Gamer is when one controller refers to the human body parts he's just splattered as giblets. If you never played Doom or Quake, you'd have missed it. You're right though, it's not that funny.
Don't Bother.

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