Friday, February 12, 2010

Google Buzz. No thanks.

I accepted all the Google Buzz process and gave it a whirl and posted something trivial. And when that post hit my email, I wasn't happy. I don't want crap on email, I use Facebook a lot and it doesn't send me any crap, because I can turn it all off. Also I realised I suddenly had a public searchable profile attached to my gmail account. I think I'd prefer to keep my email off web searches for now.
Plenty of backlash in the media too, and how to be free of it. I'e turned it off.
Also, I like Facebook. It's getting some maturity, Buzz just seems like a toy version of the real thing and the possible security and privacy leaks are a concern.
MySpace? What's that?

[Update 17th Feb] Told you so.

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