Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dragon Coast: light vs dark

Dragon Coast continued last night, and we started with a long discussion on mechanics of light (Pathfinder RPG rules). Some of the interactions between light and darkness spells aren't particularly well explained, but we came to an agreement on the topic before starting the session. Which was lucky, because the characters were affected by magical darkness for most of it. Well, not that lucky, as none of them actually used any significant light spells to counter it, so we didn't need our revised light/dark interaction mechanics.
Generally darkness spell effects are pretty weird, and even using the usual "it's just magic" explanation, it's hard to relate these to the real world. I think we agreed at one point that darkness spells used some sort of anti-photons to produce their effects. We shied away from the whole anti-photon hits a photon interaction discussion. In the end, it's just game mechanics, and doesn't matter.
Rule clarifications are:
  • dark/light spell effects suppress any light/dark spells of lower levels in their area of effect
  • dark/light spell effects and light/dark spell effects of the same level suppress eachother in their overlapping areas of effect, leaving any lower level and natural light or darkness spell effects in effect.
  • dark/light spells can be used to counter or dispell light/dark spells of equal or lower level at time of casting.
  • standard ride checks apply when using a Phantom Steed (spell) except for "Control Mount in battle" as it wouldn't get spooked by battle, and "Fight with a combat-trained mount" as it isn't combat trained.
Also,  First Character Death. Thanks Taedor.

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