Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Technician

Just finished reading The Technician by Neal Asher.
Damn, Asher just tells a fine story. You're not quite sure where it is going at the beginning, but The Technician has a good pace that keeps you reading, and dribbles out key information along the way so that you never feel that the novel is over before you get there. By the middle of the book I was wondering how this wouldn't be over in the next two chapters, but then, the story gets just that little bit more complicated, takes a turn, and you're off again. This was a very cleverly constructed read, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Not as much of the visceral, mind blowing, gut wrenching death and destruction as in some of his other work, oh, ok, except for the end. It isn't like he's not going to have it at all. Oh, and the bit in the middle. The Polity AIs cop a bit of a blow to their arrogance at the sharp end of some new tech which I enjoyed. Damn smarmy AIs.

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