Monday, February 28, 2011


Just finished reading Mech by B.V. Larson.
I don't remember having read a book with so much bloodshed and gore! I was cringing at a couple of places as there was no pulling back from evisceration, even of women and children. Even Neal Asher doesn't usually detail a gore fest of innocents.
So the basic story is that of a planet colonised in the last few hundred years, and then the original owners owners arrive home and start a re-invasion of their territory. The aliens have a very different mindset, and take various forms having been evolved (or engineered) into castes, each optimised for their different roles. Gorefest ensues.
The human political scene is quite amusing as well, filled with corruption and assassination and power games.
This was a thouroughly enjoyable read, and I'll be going back for part two.
Oh, and check the price on this. $3 on Amazon. Sweet read, well paced and well written.

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