Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I just finished reading REAMDE by Neal Stephenson.
Designed as a play on README, the commonly found computer file, REAMDE is a virus written by one of the characters in the novel, aimed at making money from a massive online role playing game called T'Rain.
This covers about ten percent of what REAMDE is about though, as the story is by far outweighed by a story of survival, fighting terrorists, Russian mobsters, and just plain bad luck. There is one really massive coincidence that drives the plot from about 30% of the way through, but I figure you can always forgive one plot device, it's what the novel is all about after all.
This is a really long book at over 1000 pages. Stephenson seems to be in the waxing lyrical mode, or failing that, the just plain too-much-detail mode. A couple of times I was thinking, "just get on with it!".
But generally, it is very well written, and paced, so this isn't a big deal.
Lots of violence, shootings, beatings and so on, crashes, money, more guns, heriocs.
Good stuff.

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