Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I just finished reading Rebellion.
Quite good fun, light reading, not particularly well written, but still very readable.
In this episode of the series, the machines keep pushing the human marines to fight for them, but Rigg's Pigs fight back, having had enough, it being pretty clear the Macros are just going to make them keep fighting until they are all dead.
There were some good concepts and sequences, involving a race of centaur-like people that have been forced off their homeworlds to live in giant space habitats. They did seem a little fragile though, not sure how they haven't all been killed off looong ago. There was also an introduction of a new race of group intelligent bio goop, a new Nano intelligence and some more information regarding the Blues.
So a nice easy holiday read, maybe a bit sexist and simple, like the protagonist, but there is still interest for me to keep reading the series.

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