Monday, October 13, 2008

Evolution is Over

Evolution is over apparently.
Actually, I used to agree with this but for a different reason than is discussed in this article. The article suggests that evolution is slowing because, among other things, older guys aren't having children as much - especially in the West, and it's older guys that produce the mutations required for beneficial changes to be selected. Sounds plausible. I would have thought that modern medicine would have been the largest contributor, simply by allowing those who would have otherwise died to live and reproduce. It isn't survival of the fittest anymore. Its survival of damn near everyone.
I say I used to agree with this, but I guess I should say that I have broadened my definition of evolution to include technological as well as biological evolution. Evolution hasn't stopped, it has found a way to work even FASTER. Biological evolution got us to the point where we could used tools, and record information, and that was enough to boot-strap the technological phase of evolution. We don't need biological evolution anymore, technology is changing us far more, and far more quickly than biology has/will. Have you noticed the computer that 20 years ago was in the study, is now in your pocket? Where will it be 20 years from now?
Behind your eyes.

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