Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Laying a floating floor

I finally got round to laying the floating timber floor in the den (rumpus). A lot bloody harder than it looks. Sure, click clack, front and, um, sides. Sawing the timber for the ends wasn't too bad, the worst part was trying to get each row to join correctly with the previous one. First you lay out a row of boards, end on end, and measure and cut the last one to suit, and then hammer them end on end so you have one long piece that stretches the width of the room. Then, with much cursing at first, angle the boards so the close edge of a row dips its interlocker tongue into the next row's groove. Sounds sexy? It's bloody not. Fernickety damn son-of-a sweaty frustrating muscle aching pain in the ass. Here's some photos.


Una said...

Looks good Owen! Well done!No doubt dad will have a closer inspection when he goes over though!Unes

Owen said...

Argggh! I had better smooth all the edges and finish the skirting :_)