Thursday, October 16, 2008

Half-Orc to Centaur in three Easy Steps

I am mourning Moag as a Half-Orc. Moag as we knew him is dead. The party faced a room full of some real nasties on Wed night, player-time. One such nasty was a Grell, a brain with tentacles. With a brain that size, you just know it is going to cast spells and be, well, you know, clever and stuff. Moag battled bravely, and even thought he had it cornered, seemingly trapped in a small room, silenced by Vim, co-adventurer. But the Grell was too clever, and found a way out of the room, where it could cast spells, and viciously pointed a tentacle back at Moag and cast Disintegration. Moag was instantly turned to a small heap of ash. Moag was suddenly gone.
Later, as the party was back in town, carrying a small bag of ash, counting their coin, and looking at options, they remembered that they had a very special magic item. This magic item can turn back time itself, and if used within a few seconds of Moag's death, would have brought him back, and tactics could have been revisited. Only, back in town, many hours had passed and the party as one, thought "ooops".
Then the party realised that in order to perform the less expensive version of Resurrection, Raise Dead, you actually need the body whole. And the better spell Resurrection, which does not require a body, was waaay too expensive.
A final option remained. They Reincarnated him.
Moag returned as, yes, a Centaur. Weird, but actually not bad strategically as a fighter as Centaurs are really strong. Moag lives, but lives hating orcs, as Centaurs do, which is really disconcerting for Moag as Moag's mother is an orc.

Looking for a picture of a Centaur? I've pulled it. Too many hits.


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Owen said...

WOW! That is so incredibly interesting. I got spammed. I'm trying to decide whether the author is a subhuman-intelligence spambot, or just subhuman. Come on, even a spambot can produce links that actually work. And seriously, the post boils down to "Yes! Your blog is great. Hey, everyone buy my stuff!". And you were searching for pictures of Centaurs before you plastered my page, so your content is so irrelevant, I'm leaving it up just for fun!