Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chaos Space

I've been reading this crap.
What's worse, it's now clear that this is not a two part novel, but part of an ongoing interminable never ending series of crap.
I was amused at some level that the main character, who had endless references made to her icky stomach, had in this novel little or no references to being sick or queasy, even though she was pregnant!
There were many metaphors and similies used which were ridiculous and just made me want to throw the book across the bus at a stranger and suggest they read it instead.
I feel the style of writing generally would be better suited to poor fantasy rather than annoying science fiction. Its just a whimsical drama in a space setting. Yawn. There are all these goodies in the background, but they are barely hinted at.
This book takes the main characters nowhere. And no one does anything of interest.
I am NOT reading any more of this series.

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