Sunday, February 15, 2009

fixing the toilet

The laundry toilet was leaking again. How annoying. At least I was able to fix it, and while wearing Ug Boots. Cool! Turned out a plug in the bottom of the cistern on one side had a badly deteriorated seal, but after taking it out and rubbing all the flaking bits off and screwing it back on, it seems ok. For now.
Now I have to go empty the pool of all the extra rain water so the skimmer box works. *sigh*

Damn. That didn't work. It's still leaking. Now I have to go to the plumbing supplies shop. How tedious. *more sigh*

[update 21/2]
The plumbing supplies shop couldn't provide a replacement o-ring, but suggested I whack silicone all round it and try again. Done that. Waiting for it to dry...

[update 24/2]
Shit. That didn't work either. Maybe if I just plug the whole overflow pipe....

[update 28/2]
*sigh* Turns out the water is actually flowing down the overflow pipe, because the filling system isn't switching off entirely. Now I'll have to replace it. How I didn't notice that in the first place, I don't know.

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