Monday, November 9, 2009

Cian's DSTT

I finally got Cian's DSTT working properly. It's been a bit of a saga really.
I ordered this thing along with a 4Gb MicroSD card, and with the DSTT comes free, a USB MicroSD reader.
Now I suspect that my problems all started with the shipping of these three items from the dodgey online store from which I ordered it. In fact, the store's website isn't even loading as I type this. The Dodgey Award givewaways are:
  • all three components ship to me loose, in a standard envelope
  • none of them are wrapped in boxes, plastic, foam or even bubble wrap, but are directly exposed to the care and attention of Australia Post directly. [The microSD card shipped inside the USB reader, which is probably better than loose, since it is the size of a small finger nail]
  • the address was hand written on the envelope in writing clearly more used to writing chinese characters (it is amazing how you can tell this, isn't it? BTW - its the very badly hand-written part that's dodgey, not the chinese hand, the Chinese rock)
  • the microSD card ships with a load of pirated games on it (complain, me?)
I open the envelope on arrival, and my shoulders are already slumping, this is not a good sign. First, I put the microSD in the DSTT and then into the DS Lite. It actually friggin works! For about a minute. And then then it has problems loading occasionally. And then it has problems loading games ever.
I tried putting the MicroSD card in the reader, and the USB reader in the PC, and the PC can't see any files, and tells me I need to format the files system.
I send back the USB reader, as it wasn't until the next day that I see loading problems on the DS. Anyway, they happily send me another reader to try, a different brand, also loose in an envelope. This reader allows me to see files, but will only allow transfer of files for ten seconds before off-lining itself.
At this point, Cian loses the DSTT and MicroSD card, and a week later we find it under his car seat. *growl*
I send back the reader and the MicroSD card, and they happily send me another of each, a third brand of reader. Loose, in an envelope of course, even after explicitly asking them to send the gear in its original packaging. *sigh*. This time, I can read and write the files on the card happily, and the DS can play the games on there, no problem. Occasionally, it can't load games, but mostly it is now all working. Way more trouble than $40 is worth. Don't use this website.

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