Monday, November 2, 2009

Windows 7 Upgrade Finally Completes

You may know I had some initial difficulties upgrading to Windows 7. As it turns out, mostly, I just wasn't patient enough. Apparently 5 hours just isn't enough time, and it doesn't matter if the PC appears to be doing nothing, you need to be patient!
I went camping on the weekend, and decided to give the upgrade another try and let it take its own time while I was away. It had 48 hours, and that has to be patient enough, right?
The bad news is that the upgrade was still going when I got back on Sunday. Seriously! But ok, the good news is that it had stopped at a very well known point with a documented hang. The old 62% point. The log showed that it had taken around 11 hours to reach this point, even with my recent hardware upgrade!
I think the 62% metric is really just a Microsoft stab in the dark, because I followed the KB article fix, restarted the upgrade and forgot about it for another 12 hours or so.
And this time, it worked. I'm writing this from Windows 7. Yay.
No other serious issues encountered. I needed to upgrade VMWare Workstation to the latest version. No big deal. Everything else just worked - Ubuntu domain login included.


Ivan said...

Seriously, this is why microsoft are so well loved. what would have happened if you left it alone on xp?

andy said...

But not a word to say that this sort of user experience is actually absolute shite! And from the size and shape of company that should know better, and yet repeatedly fails to get a clue. Your patience is astounding, but I bet you wouldn't put up with this from a startup!

Columbo said...

I can't stand MS products.