Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Speaking of Time and Space, you seriously have to watch the film Primer. Don't read the plot on the wiki page before you see the film though, you should watch the film totally flat.
It's about time travel, and is incredibly complicated. Even after watching it twice, I still hadn't worked out the last 13 minutes. "What the bloody hell just happened?". And this is the point of the film, to feel very confused. And the last 13 minutes is the explanation, if you don't get it, you've missed the depth of what has been going on. But that's ok, you're not supposed to understand the first time. I think re-watching the film to understand the events nicely mirrors the time travel in the film.

Watch the film, maybe a couple of times, and then go and read the timeline explanation here.
Like many things, this came to my attention via XKCD.

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