Saturday, August 30, 2008

+3 Post of Unveiling

You've received this blog intro over email because I think that there may even yet, be the most desperate, most remote hope that you could be at all, even slightly, interested in some of the minutiae of my life and opinions. I have joined the great unwashed, and created a blog. Blogging perhaps represents one of the greatest social changes of this decade, or, perhaps, it simply represents the fact that never before have so many been able to tell us so little in so many words. "Teh Interweb" gives us such power, the power for example, to click on the link below and continue reading my "+3 Post of Unveiling" ...
... where you will transported to the Blogosphere. Here I am, writing what I thought a short while ago was the unwritable. "It's just an online diary", I scoffed. "It'll never catch on" I asserted. "Who will give a shit?", I queried. OK, one out of three ain't bad. But seriously, after reading a lot of science fiction over the last 5 years, I've come to realise that this isn't going away. The time to get used to this is now. For now we'll just call this an official invite to come back as often or as little as you like. Check out the archive or sort by topic using the links on the left right. Send me a link to your blog and we'll cross-link. Laugh at my uber-nerdiness. Post comments to that effect.


danielle said...

welcome to blogging. Look forward to reading your deepest thoughts. Or possibly just shallowest views, whatever makes you happy.

Dan xxx

Niamh said...

Hi Owen! Interesting blogging going on here. I don't really understand half of what you just said (seeing as you didn't mention the words 'Dress' or 'Shoes'!). However I shall go and read the links which are actually on the right! (Not left! Annoying aren't I!).
Over and out!

Owen said...

Thanks Niamh. Perhaps I'll go research some dress/shoe material to blog. Now THAT will be interesting to read. I, um, corrected the left/right thing above. Doh!