Monday, August 18, 2008

Core Interest: Technology

I love technology in general. I have been programming computers since I was 10, including such beasts as the AppleII, Amiga 500, and PCs since a '386. I have had an email address since 1991 and have never bought a complete PC as I prefer to build them from the parts I want. I run a home network with the latest Ubuntu server, a Vista desktop, a laptop and an old PC under the telly as my media centre. There's a wireless network, primarily for my Nokia N61i PDA so I get websurfing on the couch for free.

I also have a restricted cabling licence so I can legally run CAT5 cables around the house myself.
I've just read a really interesting book on how technology is really just the next evolutionary step of the human species and how we must ultimately merge with that technology. Thankfully Kurzweil suggests that this merging will happen over a long period of time (decades) and that each stage of the merging won't be as confrontational or sensationalist as the phrase 'merge with technology'. He suggests it will be more of a slippery slope, such as an ear implant here, an eye implant there, memory implants, nanobot medichines and so on...
This leads me into a post on...

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