Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Other Interests

To complete the background info I'll round out with some other interests.
I like whiskey. My favourite affordable whiskey is Jameson, but I'll buy 12 year old Glenlivet if its on special. I quite like an Islay malt occasionally too.
DIY home renovation. You know, I started off really not liking this, but it's so different from everything else that I do, that I'm really quite enjoying it. I've built a deck surround, a built in office-desk, and most fun, destroyed and removed an entire kitchen!
I enjoy riding my Razor scooter in and out of work. Mostly I take public transport, but the last leg home is all downhill on a 3 kg aluminium board. Yah!
Parties. OK, I don't party like it's 1999 anymore, but I enjoy many drinks with friends. Many.
I keep tropical fish. I have two Angels, two Clown Loaches, a bunch of Neon Tetras, some catfish in a 250L tank. They're purty.
I try to keep up with current science advances, although I don't understand as much as I'd like to. This kind of ties into my love of tech in general. I wanted to do a combined degree (Comp Eng) with Physics, but the schedule wouldn't pan out. I'm a LHC fanboy!

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