Monday, August 18, 2008

Core Interest: Family

Now, these core interests aren't blogged in any particular order. Woe betide any fool of a took who puts software or D&D in front of family! I have a wonderful, amazing wife, Sinéad, and two high-energy, take-it-to-the-MAX kids, Cian(6) and Neise(4).
I met Sinéad through a friend at work - Hi Nuala! Sinéad is Irish of course, and we spent nearly four years living in Dublin to get married and spend some time with her family before moving back to Aus. We've been married for nine years now! Sinéad runs her own business ECOdirect, (with her partner Sionéd), and is a busy super-mum and super-wife!
Cian is a brilliant boy in Year 1 who likes to know how stuff works, loves reading, and inventing things, such as his very successful GPS Boots. (boots that tell you where you are).
Neise is a funny and beautiful princess-mermaid who will start Kindy next year. She loves pink. And Cinderella.
I love them all :_)


Anonymous said...

Hi Owen,
Just read your 'blog'. I hate to say this but a blog seems like an excuse to use up spare time/procrastinate/isolate yourself/avoid jobs etc etc but then I'm of a different era to my clever, nerdy, wonderful, loveable son and I miss you all. Mum.

Owen said...

Wow, first post to my Mum! That is just awesome :_)
Either that, or it's the "face only a mother could love" effect ...