Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cian - Owen

Illustrated by Cian and Owen.
Written by Owen and Cian.
Once upon a time there lived two boys and the little one was Cian and the big one was Owen! Those boys were poisoning the ants, cleaning the back yard and at the end they had a big ... KISS!! They were very tired after all the work, so they went to bed. Cian had a dream of a pile of rubbish. Dad had a dream of spaceships in the sky! In the morning they had Uncle Toby's Oatbrits for breakfast, it was disgusting! and then they watched video hits! After that they played Gimy Nut troon on the computer.

The End!


danielle said...

That is way cute. Sounds like you had fun in a strange and deadly way. Hope your little lass is feeling better.

Dan xxx

Owen said...

Heh. We did!
Yep - Neise is sounding much better the last few days....