Thursday, September 11, 2008

Death to the Fairy

D&D was piss funny last night. Many of our characters were in various states of despair, agitation and pure madness. At one point, my dude, Moag (the half orc fighter with a flail) ran screaming down dark extra-planar passageways holding his hands firmly over his ears until he bumped into some Slaadi, and just gave up and curled into a foetal position. Nice!
Later, to our great amusement, Seb's character, which alternates between some sort of fairy, and a ball of light, was compelled to pick up a great artifact we were seeking to destroy because of it's ability to re-actualise a recently dead, but very evil god. He was compelled to pick it up and touch it to another artifact and blew himself and everything in the room to a very complete and very final destruction. Which is quite a feat in D&D where characters are routinely raised from the dead.
Happily, the rest of our characters were conveniently behind some sort of wall of force, completely protected.
To top this destruction off, Seb had to roll a D20 saving throw against the compulsion, and rolled a 1. Automatic Failure. Fantastic!

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