Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tech Ed Day 1

Today was Tech Ed Day 1. 
There was a lot of waffle about software + services, which is Microsoft trying to keep some software local (on their operating system) and not all implemented up in the cloud (on Google platform). They're probably right though, I can't see local computing going away anytime soon.
Some interesting stuff on Vista specific code, such as UAC and new standard dialogs. I didn't realise that to get the UAC thing, you actually have to spawn a new process that asks for admin rights. I spent ages looking for an API to do it last year. There's also a little documented hack to get the shield icon to appear on a button.
Groove is cool. I'm going to look into this for work. Even if its just used as a better interface to the horrible Sharepoint that we have to use. It is effectively a fully encrypted shared/distributed workspace for files and discussions which works across firewalls and variable connections
There was a really cool rant about the role of Architects (how they are a waste of space) and how developers should be called craftsmen, not engineers. Some good points, some bad points, a lot of pointless points, but a lot of it was wayward ranting. Cool!

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