Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Google Chrome

I've been trying the new Google "It's just a web browser" Chrome.

  • Bloody fast render
  • Bloody fast startup
  • Privacy mode
  • Imported all my firefox settings
  • Open source
  • Slow to open a load of tabs because of the process-per-tab implementation. Generally, I believe using multiple processes in this way is a poor design choice. This is windows, not unix. It wasn't designed for it. It is slow. Slow to load, slow to switch. Memory hog. All comics tabs, Chrome 180Mb, Firefox 60Mb. The security risk of all-in-one process is vanishingly small. I haven't seen a browser crash for a long time. Also I found that when using loads of tabs, it was locking up anyway, and there were big delays in tab renders.
  • It uses more than it should of the client window on Vista. I want extra wide window borders on Vista for the pure translucent eye candy, and Chrome is writing right up to the edges using obvious custom painting. This custom paint is probably where they get the fast render speed, but its just wrong. When I maximise, I can't even see the tabs.
  • No smooth scrolling
  • No add-ons.
  • No adblock without using a foreign proxy server. ew. (see no add-ons)
  • No google toolbar available, although you can search in the address bar, the toolbar has way more functionality.
  • No close current tab button in constant position (see no add-ons).
  • Mouse scroll moves too far with each notch.
  • I found I had to click multiple times on some in-tab menus to get them to action.
Net result. Chrome is out too early. I'm sticking with Firefox for now. I've no doubt Google will improve this quickly though, and possibly work faster than Mozilla.

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