Friday, September 5, 2008

Tech Ed Day 3

Seriously hung over. *urgle*
Today I went to an excellent session on "good, bad and ugly" patterns in requirements, analysis and design. Really well presented and interesting. Nothing ground breaking, but solid advice.
There was another excellent session on coding security issues, but at a higher level than yesterday's session, more conceptual. 
The locknote was actually really good, and by the same guy who did the "good, bad and ugly", Microsoft's Miha Kralj. He suggested (among other things) that conferences would die off in favour of virtual gatherings, that technology would be driven more by the younger generation, who care less about how technology works (and privacy imo!), that computing will be more driven by cloud computing. He told us a bit about how these supermassive server farms are being put together, not with individual servers, but shipping containers of servers sent direct from manufacture. Each container has 3 ports; power, liquid cooling and network, and are not physically entered unless less than 95% of the thousands of servers inside are operational.

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