Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dark Space

Just finished this.
Honestly, I found this one quite annoying by the end. I was willing to plow through the large number of undefined terms in the first half, hoping to have most of it fleshed out along hte way. Hell, some most excellent SF novels have used this technique, none other than Neuromancer high among them. However, most other novels get in and flesh out new technology ideas because they are cool, or the author thinks they are, even if the terms are used colloquially for a few chapters up front. Not this one. At the end of the novel I'm still wondering what the hell the skin suit looked like, how it worked etc.
And then there was the overuse of Italian throughout the novel. Like THAT's a language that will survive the next million years. Shyah. Anyway, I don't know a lot of italian, and many terms I had to work out from context, which was bloody annoying, only understanding some things toward the end.
And if the main character was going to feel sick in the stomach for whatever reason one more friggin time, I was going to choke and throw the whole unit across the bus.
One of the characters was really cool, one was overly flawed, and one was overly Good. In D&D the Good character was Lawful-Stupid. That's annoying.
And yet I will read the conclusion. Have to really, since it's only really half a book in terms of plot. Also annoying. I won't be buying it though.

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