Thursday, January 1, 2009

Par for the Course

What the hell is it with the saying "par for the course"? Its starting to annoy me. Especially, actually, only, since I've started playing golf, this is starting to annoy me. As you know, it is used to mean, "that's entirely normal". But par on a golf course is NOT entirely normal. In fact its damn fricken difficult. I would have to quit work for a year and probably a lot more to focus on playing this stupidly frustrating game every day, honing what very little ability I have, practising until my brain exploded with the sheer folly of the task to even approach something that was considered "par for the course". And even then it would have to be an easy course.
Don't use this phrase. It's stupid.
A better phrase for "that's entirely normal" might be "that's a redundancy in the software industry". Sure, it doesn't quite roll off the tongue, but at least it's true. And appropriate. Again.


danielle said...

So how's the stress management coming along? Sounds like you've put in place some really great relaxation tools. Love and best wishes to you, your beautiful wife and lovely children for the new year.
Dan xxxx

Owen said...

Lets just say I ain't stressing over nothin. :_)
Hammock Time!