Monday, January 12, 2009

Installing Windows 7 Beta. Nightmare

I decided to install Windows 7 Beta that was recently released to the world. I'm seriously getting the shits with the speed of Vista in terms of UI click through speed. Its so friggin annoying. Rather than jumping in and upgrading Vista though, I sensibly decided to blow away an old XP partition I was no longer using. Thank Fuck.
The install went fine, and it even all came up, and damn, Windows 7 is as fast as Windows XP for UI click through speed. It feels great. One problem though, it didn't detect my network card, and subsequent hours of throwing drivers at it only succeeded in screwing up the video driver as well. Stupid thing. Hella annoying.
I'm starting again now. This time I'll take a System Restore after install so I can get out of those problems more quickly.
It's really annoying when you can't access the internet to fix the internet. *sigh* Switch back to Vista, dealing with annoying startup speed and browser load. Research, download driver attempt, reboot to Win 7, install, fail, rinse, repeat. Arrrgh.
[Update 15/1/2009]
I decided to blow away the whole install, format the disk and try again. This took ages just to set up as I had to back up files from the target drive into my already stretched disk space. Now, every time I try the installation, it fails with "corrupt of missing files, error 0x80070570". And the MD5 hash on the install ISO is perfect. I've even tried installing from an unzip of the ISO as well as a virtual drive of it. Fuck Nose.

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