Sunday, January 4, 2009

Finished Faery Tale

Woot! Finished Faery Tale on my emulated Amiga 500. Just in time before I go back to work tomorrow.
You have to collect 5 gold idols through the game, but I found I was missing one towards the end and was pretty sure I had been everywhere. But no. Whilst I had been through Hemsath's Tomb, featuring the longest corridor in computer game history (at the time, and probably still close at 5 minutes realtime), I hadn't searched all the maze thinking I'd already extracted the bones of the Lich King (or whatever I was there for) and had missed the damn idol. It took me forever to realise this, and then to go back and find it. I eventually made it to the astral plane, and the freaky section where you walk backwards, defeated the baddy with magic wand, and won. Yay!

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Ben said...

such lofty goals, yet you achieve them with ease and grace.... so impressive.