Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fighting the undead demons

Awesome. Rich finished off his planescape D&D campaign with a cracker on Wednesday night. The party had to travel to the astral plane to take on the clerical ogre minion of a dead god trying to resurrect his awfulness. He had stolen the wand of Orcus (said god) and was using it to achieve his aims on the astral plane.
We arrived in short order, and Moag (the now Centaur) went charging straight up to this maniac (who's the maniac?) with a +4 longsword of Sundering, only to be Dismissed back to his native plane. Ah. The rest of the party struggled on against this foe, and two more, which turned out to be super powerful undead demons that our cleric couldn't touch for Turning. Meanwhile Moag was bribing, cajoling and calling favours to get himself back to the astral plane pronto to get back into the action. He even managed to get back for the endgame.
The endgame wasn't pretty. We took down the ogre boss OK, since we hit him hard with every Flamestrike we had, but left ourselves short on the ultra powerful undead creatures. Bad. Then as we thought we were getting the upper hand, they hit us with some ultra powerful spell effect which caused all but one of us to be Dazed, Weakened and Paralyzed. We were so screwed, unless the freely moving character, Sebastian's, could Dispel the spell effect. Because of the level mismatch between casters, he needed to roll a 20 on a D20. Oooh. "We are so screwed.".
It was one of those moments. He rolled a 20. Just awesome. Then it was cleanup time as they had used their major power, and we had plenty left.
Top stuff.
Thanks Rich for a great campaign!

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